We’re going to laugh a lot. I’m probably going to say something inappropriate to get you to put on a genuine smile (sorry in advance). And I hope it feels more like hanging out with your best friend than standing around posing for an hour...

i'm bossy.

I’m going to tell you where to stand, how to stand, & where to look. I'm going to make sure everything looks perfect, all the way down to what your pink finger is doing. I'm going to give you ridiculous prompts to get you living your best life in front of my camera. There won't be a quiet moment the entire shoot where you're just staring blankly at my camera wondering what to do with your hands (*insert Ricky Bobby scene). I will be the boss the entire time, running the show so you don't have to. I promise it’ll make you feel far less awkward so we can capture GOLD and not mediocre photos you could’ve taken with your iPhone!

sunsets are everything.

Golden hour sessions are totally my jam. I want the setting sun to create a magical glow around you & your beloved horse so we can create photos that rival the covers of magazines. All my photoshoots start in the evening, just before sunset. This is when the sun is soft and everything just feels a little bit more like a fairy tale.

i want you to look back at your photos in 50 years & feel that day all over again...

I want you to remember that small moment in time like it was yesterday.

I want you to feel the sun on your face.

I want you to FEEL the love and connection that you felt that day.

I love going through all the photos from a session with a huge smile on my face.

I remember the laughs, the awkward looks I got when I told you what to do, and the warm fuzzy feeling I get when all the magic comes together.

I look back on professional photos from my childhood and I don’t feel the emotion. I see the faces of people I love that are younger than they are today, but I don’t feel that moment. I don’t remember that day, and sadly, I don’t get a huge smile when I see those pictures.

That’s why I do things differently. That’s why I focus on capturing love & emotion, not perfection.

I want your heart & soul to rejoice when you look at the pictures. I know mine does when I look through every client’s album

ready to work together to bring your EQUESTRIAN love story to life?