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From the second you schedule your session, you're probably already dreaming of the bareback pictures in a flowy dress or sitting at your horse's feet as she puts her head in your lap... but we have to remember horse's are prey animals & we are at their mercy during our session. The calmer & more relaxed your horse is during our session, the more variety we'll be able to capture! Preparing your horse ahead of time to set them up for success is essential to a relaxing, fun day!

Here are five essential ways to set your horse up for success for your next photoshoot together:

1. A tired horse is generally a good horse. It is very important that the morning of your session, your horse gets exercise! If you don't have time for a ride, schedule for your trainer to work your horse that day or head out for a good longeing!

2. When you book your session, start getting your horse familiar and comfortable with all the areas around the farm that you may want to use duing our session. Getting them comfortable there ahead of time will be super important for them being able to stand calmly and quietly the day of our session!

3. Think of it as prepping for a horse show! When you go to a show, does your horse require a lot of prep? Do they have to be longed for an hour before you can get on? Do you use something like Perfect Prep so they can keep their wits about them? Prep for our session like you're about to go into a big show - the more prepared you are, the more confident you'll be, and the more fun we'll be able to have!

4. Don't wait until the day of the session to see if your horse is ok being ridden bareback! If you envision bareback pictures of you snuggling your horse, practice, practice, practice! If you know that bareback or riding in a dress is a no-go for your horse, that's totally fine too - knowing this ahead of time allows us to get more variety from the ground since we won't be saving time for mounted photos.

5. If you plan on wearing a dress, a long skirt, or anything other than your traditional riding clothes, get your horse comfortable with these items! Not sure how your horse will react to you riding with a dress on? Start by seeing how they feel about a bed sheet or an old blanket being put on their back. Preparing them on the ground first in the safety of a round-pen or an arena will help ensure that things go smoothly the day of your session!

Ready to book your session? Let's chat about how we can make all your photoshoot dreams a reality 😍

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