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Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Even if you're just using your phone, you can still take really great photos at the barn!

Here are my top 5 ways to enhance your photos:

1. Make sure your horse’s ears are forward. Unless you’re going for that evil “mare stare” look, perked forward ears are going to give your photo a much more pleasant look & will be much more eye-catching.

2. To pose your horse, make sure they are standing as square as possible with all 4 feet visible to the camera. Make sure your horse isn’t standing with their butt up a hill… It’s generally best to make sure your horse looks as uphill or level as possible, so finding level ground or a slight incline, with their front feet at the highest part of the hill, is the way to go!

3. Work the angles! You want to try and shoot from about shoulder height. If you shoot from really high up, you’ll make your horse look small and sometimes disproportionate. If you squat down or do a forward lunge, you can shoot from a slightly lower angle, to make sure you aren’t making your horse look small or awkward.

4. For most breeds, you’ll want your horses neck arched slightly down with their nose tipped forward just a little bit. The best way to do this is to show them something intriguing that makes them want to reach down and look curious. I often crinkle a peppermint wrapper at about the height of my hip to get Chunky Pony to show off her neck muscles.

5. Don’t just focus on your subject, make sure the background is pleasant too! Is there a beautiful tree at your farm? Or do you have the most perfect jump standards? Or a big open field of tall grass? Think about the scenery around your horse, not just the picture of the horse itself. Try and take the photos somewhere that is aesthetically pleasing and free of distractions like massive manure piles or all the junk that’s waiting to go to the dumpster!

And last but not least - stop comparing your work to professional photographers and being frustrated with your own work! We all start somewhere & when you focus on small improvements in your own work instead of wishing you took pictures like someone else, you can enjoy the journey 💛📸

Want to take your photography to the next level? I have a range of courses to help you do just that! Learn more here
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