Updated: Aug 7

In this guest blog, professional equine groom Kristen Abano of Centerline Equine Clipping teaches us all the secrets to getting your horse photoshoot ready. Kristen spends her days in the heart of the horse world - Wellington, Florida, clipping & grooming everything from elite show horses to donating her services to rescues in need. With her patience, skill, & natural eye for beautifying horses, she truly embodies her nickname "Super Groom."

Guest post written by Kristen Abano of Centerline Equine Clipping

Horses and photoshoots are the perfect mix. You’ll be getting the chance to capture moments, make memories and let your horse shine in the very best light.

Photoshoot preparation goes beyond just brushing your horse and slapping on some hoof polish. There are questions you need to ask yourself in regards to grooming your horse and some things you may need to line up before the day of your shoot.

Do you want your horse braided or with a natural mane? Do you prefer your horse to be body clipped? Do you have the correct supplies on hand? You may need to hire a body clipper, a braider, a groom or have a friend come tagalong to be your photoshoot groom.

Your horse should be looking their absolute best so that you get the most out of your photoshoot. Here are some top tips to keep in mind when getting your horse ready for the spotlight to be all on them!

Kristen's own impeccably groomed horse | "Ace"

1. Bathe your horse when at all possible, weather permitting. Scrub them well and give a good power-rinse to dislodge any dirt that is hiding under their coat. If you can’t bathe— curry well and use a variety of brushes. Green Spot Remover will help remove any stains if you can’t give an actual bath.

2. Add about a little less than 1/4 cup of show sheen to a bucket and mix with your favorite shampoo, add water to fill the bucket halfway and bathe with a sponge or loofa from this mixture. This will get them looking extra sleek and shiny.