Growing your Equestrian Instagram Account

I get asked regularly about how I grew a following on my instagram account. And I typically start with one question: why do you want to grow a social media following?

For the likes & the clout?

To share your journey as a rider or with your horse?

To promote your products or service for your business?

To be more popular than the other girls at your barn?

To get free stuff from brands in exchange for posting about their products?

To get paid just to be yourself & replace your full time income?

January 2020 vs January 2021 (over 4x growth in one year!)

None of the answers are wrong per se, but some of them will stand the test of time better than others. If you're only in it for the popularity and the likes, you likely won't be able to handle the grind that is involved with growing any sort of social media platform.

While there is a TON of good & exciting things that come from growing your personal brand on social media, there are definite downsides that might not seem obvious, so I'll start there!