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If you aren’t that great at something, but you love it, PLEASE keep going.

Keep practicing.

Keep learning.

Keep experimenting.

Please don’t give up just because you aren’t “there” yet.

If you’re a photographer but you just feel like your work will never be like that of your idols, take as many pictures as you can.

Watch all the videos you can on how to improve.

Practice any chance you get, even if it means shooting for free.

Don’t give up because you’re using a $200 camera and only have one lens.

Don’t give up because you can’t make your black background look flawless.

Don’t quit because you think you just aren’t talented at this.

Everything in life takes work. And patience. LOTS of patience.

Don’t beat yourself up because your photos are a little out of focus.

Don’t beat yourself up because you can’t get the tones just right when you edit.

With every click of your shutter, think of it as one lesson learned.

Didn’t love the way that angle came out? Shoot it differently next time.

Didn’t use a high enough shutter speed and your images were a bit blurry? Remember that for your next shoot.

Didn’t realize there was a giant blue trash can behind your subject in every picture? Be more aware next time.

Didn’t remind your model to take her hair tie off her wrist? Make that the first thing you tell your subject before you shoot next time.

You WILL improve, slowly but surely. It won’t happen overnight and comparing yourself to those who are years ahead of you on this journey definitely won’t do any good.

Enjoy where you’re at RIGHT NOW and think of each shoot as one baby step the journey of a lifetime!

The only reason you won’t become the photographer you want to be is if you quit. So don’t you dare do that.

Keep going. Keep learning. But most importantly…

Keep creating the art that sets your soul on fire.

Watch my complete Black Background Tutorial here!

A few of my very first black backgrounds from 2017:

A few black backgrounds from 2020:

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