She Isn't Just a Horse to Me

She isn’t just a horse to me.

She’s my best friend; my partner.

And she almost didn’t get a chance to live her life.

Annie, lovingly referred to as Chunky Pony (or CP for short) is a nurse mare foal. Essentially, she was born to be disposed of.

Annie was adopted by my sister from Dream Equine Therapy Center as a 7 week old, orphan nurse mare foal.

If you aren’t familiar with nurse mare foals, I’ll give you the short version here: basically nurse mare foals are born to be disposed of, so their mothers can nurse a more “valuable” foal.

From Dream Equine Therapy Center:

“Nurse mare foals are born to mothers that are bred solely for milk production. Mares of different breeds but many times larger breeds such as drafts are bred by nurse mare farmers. After foaling, the mares are leased to a farm, typically a farm involved with the various race industries. They become a mother for a more “expensive” foal. Their biological foals were historically left to die, killed or were slaughter bound. Have you heard of pony leather or pony skin? Foals are also skinned and their hides used for high end leather products. Many times, during the time the mare is leased, the “expensive foals” farm is required to get the mare back in foal. This is why the foals usually are mixed breeds and unable to be registered, because they will breed back to whatever is available, even the teaser stallion horses or ponies. So the nurse mare farmers make a profit on leasing the mare and then also get the bare bred back for free which in turn brings him the same money next year."

So you see, my precious little 15 hand mare, who has given every ounce of her heart to her humans, was born to die.

Baby Annie

I am so grateful for all the people involved in her rescue, because this little horse has taught me far more about riding than any horse I’ve ridden in the past 25 years & has taught me more about life than any human being could.