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Are you ready to master black backgrounds so that you can create a reliable profit stream in your photography business?


It’s pretty obvious when you scroll through instagram for 5 minutes that black background portraits are wildly popular within the equestrian community! Your ideal client is out there, ready for you to capture portraits that make their horse look like a million bucks while paying you the big bucks (see what I did there? ;))


Are you struggling to book high quality clients?


Black backgrounds were the main profit source in my business for the first 18 months and continue to bring in revenue and most importantly, my ideal client! I think of black background portrait sessions as a gateway to a full portrait session. They’re a lower price package that give you the opportunity to get your foot in the door with a client, wow the heck out of them with your stellar work, and have them wanting to book your higher ticket full portrait sessions and telling their friends about you!


Do you feel like your work isn’t good enough to stand out in a sea of other photographers?


Do you find yourself wondering why your black backgrounds just aren’t popping the way you want?


Let’s change that. You’ll walk away from this masterclass knowing how to handle posing, culling, and masterfully editing black background portraits that will blow your clients away and give you a new or increased stream of income in your business!


The details:


You will gain INSTANT ACCESS via email to the video & PDF guide links upon purchasing this Masterclass!




Learn about equipment, posing, camera settings, & how to edit the "ideal" black background image through this 65 minute video + 25 page PDF Guide.



Learn how to deal with a difficult to pose horse & how to edit a full body image that in less than ideal condition in this 50 minute video + "Dealing with a Difficult Horse" PDF guide.



You'll learn how to deal with three complex edits: editing the eye, color correcting a coat, & fixing body position in  three separate videos over 24 minutes of video footage.





You should be comfortable with basic edits in Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop and own or have access to a DSLR or mirrorless camera. 

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