Are you sick of taking below average pictures with that camera you can’t seem to figure out?


This guide will teach you how to get professional pics that will have your friends & family asking who you hired.


Learn to:

  • Look at everything like a pro photographer
  • Work with any type of outdoor light with ease
  • Pose every horse so they look like a million bucks
  • Effortlessly pose people so they love their pics
  • Edit your images with a few clicks
  • Have fun while creating the photo memories you'll have to cehrish forever



In this 50+ page, full color PDF guide, I go over everything you need to know to finally get the pictures you've been dreaming of. To create this guide, I flashed back several years to myself as a complete beginner in the world of equestrian photography & explained concisely the most essential ingredients.


This 5 module guide will cover the mindset you need to have as a photographer, how to work with different type of lighting, how to pose horses, and how to pose other people & yourself. In  the fifth module of this guide, you'll have access to watch me edit several images from different settings with different types of light.



In the bonus section of this guide, I compare my work from the very beginning of my photography journey to recent work. I explain in detail the changes I've made to take my work from amateur status, to making thousands of dollars for a single photoshoot!

The Essential Guide to Equestrian Photography