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Hi! I'm Cassidy


I'm a South Florida girl transplanted to North Carolina. I'm crazy about caramel iced lattes, my four-legged children, & my handsome husband. 




That handsome hunk is my husband & high school sweetheart, Bobby. We started dating back in 2007 & have been pretty much inseparable ever since.

He's my number one cheerleader & a constant supporter of every single crazy idea that pops in my head!

Isn't life really about finding the person you want to raise your horse with? So grateful to have found that person so many years ago


That cute little red headed mare is Chunky Pony, aka Annie. She's been my sidekick since 2013 & is the equine love of my life. She's best known around the barn for her love of any and all treats she can put in her mouth & not moving much faster than a snail.

We pretend to do dressage & jump little sticks together, but if it were up to Annie, I would just be her human treat dispenser.



Anyone who knows me know that this dog right here is what my entire world revolves around. Adopted from a rescue at just 12 weeks old, she was my high school graduation present to myself.

Over a decade later & we're the best of friends. We've gone through just about everything together & there isn't a better sidekick a girl could have.

Yanno that cute bumper sticker saying, "who rescued who?" Well she definitely rescued me & continues to on a daily basis. She is a ray of sunshine in my life!

About Me

I’m just your average horse-crazy girl willing to nearly pull my head out of its socket to peak in a horse trailer passing by. I always thought I was going to be a large animal vet, but when that wasn’t in the cards, I knew I HAD to figure out another way to make a career that kept me surrounded by all the pretty ponies.


When I abruptly quit my corporate job without any idea of what I was going to do, I suddenly found myself picking up a $400 camera, downloading a free app on my iPad, and taking and editing photos of any horse I could get in front of my camera.


That little hobby sparked a complete redirection of my life that I will forever be grateful for. I can usually be found lying across a barn aisle getting the perfect shot or in a field of tall grass proclaiming, “YES, THIS IS THE SHOT!”​


I’m just a girl with a camera, out here chasing sunsets and big dreams. I’d love to follow you & your horse around with my camera so you can have a small piece of equestrian heaven hanging on the walls of your home.

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